Operational Risk Consulting

Amber offers operational risk reviews on financial services firms including hedge funds, private equity funds, long only funds, banks and other institutions. 


 Amber Review. Amber Partners offers a flexible hierarchy of Amber Review procedures:

  • Amber Analysis. A review of key fund and manager documents performed by Amber staff. Ideal for investors in the early stages of considering a fund investment.
  • Amber Verification. A suite of verification procedures performed by Amber staff including confirmation of service provider relationships, verification of key manager procedures, and a detailed review of audited financial statements.
  • Amber Diligence. Amber’s most detailed investor operational risk review incorporates in depth interviews with manager staff either on-site or via a telephone interview as well as a detailed conference call with the fund’s administrator.

 Amber Monitor. Our monitoring programme for Amber Review clients can include a periodic verification of key facts and / or a full update of a prior Amber Diligence review. Available on a one-off, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

 Amber Tailored Solutions. Based on detailed discussions with our clients, Amber can develop a customised programme of targeted reviews, verification procedures and other services.


Please click here or the image below to download our hedge fund operational due diligence reviews for investors brochure.



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