Amber Partners announces Mock ODD Reviews for Hedge Fund Managers

11 Jun 2012

We are pleased to announce our Mock ODD Review service providing practical feedback to managers not currently certified by us on (i) how well the firm can communicate its operational policies and procedures in an investor ODD review and  (ii) what improvements, if any, are necessary to pass a due diligence review.

The report highlights weaknesses, risks and associated recommendations across five areas of evaluation:
•               Manager Overview
•               Governance and Oversight
•               Custody of Assets and Trading Relationships
•               Trading, Operations and Accounting
•               Valuation
Amber will provide practical recommendations that are appropriate for the size and strategy of the firm to ensure it is operating in accordance with global industry sound practices.
We charge a flat fee for our review and will deliver our report within 2 weeks of our on-site visit at the manager’s offices.  The manager may disclose to investors that it has engaged Amber to perform a Mock ODD Review. The report itself will be for internal purposes only, however, and not available for wider distribution.
Please click here to download our brochure or email us at
Amber Partners

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